Pasquale Bruni

Pasquale Bruni

Italian craftsmanship for over 50 years

Italian jewelry designer, Pasquale Bruni has been celebrating craftsmanship for over 50 years in unparalleled designs. Each collection is handcrafted in Italy and the gemstones and golds are rigorously selected to instill the family soul into exceptional jewels. Founded by Pasquale Bruni, the creative direction of the company is now in the hands of his daughter, Eugenia Bruni. She has inherited his goldsmith rigor and love for details. She adds her signature touch with a meticulous study of the feminine shape to ensure a sensual communion between body and soul.


Pasquale Bruni starts working at a very young age ‚Äčas a tailor in his hometown in Calabria in the south of Italy, he is only 13 years old when he moves to Valenza the heart of all Made-in-Italy fine jewelry. Instantly he is fascinated by the craft and abandons the idea of working as a tailor as jewelery seemed more creatively inspiring and challenging. He start working side by side with the best Italian goldsmiths and jewelers, real artists whose creations were sought by Italian and international celebrities. He quickly masters the techniques and learns the secrets of the art, planting the seeds of what would become the main signature of the House: a meticulous eye for detail. Pasquale Bruni had just turned 20 when he began his pioneering journey to realize his creative vision.


«The idea of a jewel comes from feelings, from inspired intimate research... it is a form of magic that is often inexplicable because it is shrouded in the mystery of emotions. It is giving shape to love, giving light to the heart, giving life to a wonderful thought. A moment of powerful energy that you want to become a vital part of people's lives. In creation I can feel the embrace of Zephyr, I can see the beauty of Venus, I can meditate with Lakshmi, become the enchantment of a moon, the joy of a sun, light, soul and body, I can feel free as a butterfly and be a flower, a gift of creation, sinuous as a leaf, deep as the sea and strong as Mother Nature».


Wearing magic is the spirit of the jewellery in the Petit Joli Bouquet collection,

which embodies Eugenia Bruni’s message: “Be free and passionate like the magic of a meadow of colours in bloom”.

Petit Joli is a homage to nature in which the five-petal flower, the brand’s key symbol,

is celebrated in a ‘bouquet’ of shades in which the colours of creation convey all their expressive energy,

making the soul vibrate with emotional and aesthetic intensity.


The strength of the green agate, the lunar energy of the white agate enhanced in the light of the rose gold.
Lunar light is in the warmth of the white agate with all its feminine power.

Its velvety expression of light  represents the moon and all the feminine universe. The most seducing purity,
the Green agate embodies the absolute energy of Mother Nature, a combination of power and protection.

A charismatic stone that fully expresses nature’s strength as a tribute  of the energy sparkling in every woman.
«In the love of sky and earth I feel that women can do everything!”

Eugenia Bruni


Figlia dei Fiori celebrates freedom and love for nature. Trails of flowers surround the body like planets.

They joyously mirror the essence of the feminine creative spirit in a tribute to liberty and independence.

In the rose gold shades, we find the colors of earth and its warmth, while white gold combinations of stones represents the infinite sky and all its immensity.

The magic of blue, rose gold, pink, red passion, all colors that blend together.
And women carrying the whole Universe with them in the heart of Mother Nature.


‘In Nature there is always a miracle of light that meets our eyes; that moment is a Namaste of wonder between us and Creation.’ Eugenia Bruni

A collection filled with emotion, like the emotion of light reflected on the body, like the glow of the gold that envelops the woman with a seductive and sophisticated allure. The inspiration came one day in Camogli, Liguria. The magic of the sea bathed in sunlight, the feeling of swimming in the light of a sunrise, a sunset or the moon. Feeling this beauty on the skin. Light everywhere. The miracle of light in nature caught meditating in an inviting trail of shimmers in the sea gave birth to this masterpiece made of rose gold, enchantment and white diamonds.

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